Shanghai Tang 20th anniversary Limited Edition Sunglasses


Hong Kong based fashion label Shanghai Tang celebrates its 20th anniversary with a unique and exceptional pair of unisex sunglasses inspired by the authentic Chinese round glasses, given a modern, edgy twist with a strong eyebrow shape.The Limited Edition eyewear is a collaboration between Shanghai Tang and the iconic Australian label AM Eyewear, which is well known for its original and truly handcrafted eyewear from design to production. Continue reading


Outfit post #2

Summer is no more fling when you are not living on a island called Manhattan and doesn’t have a Hampton house to spend summer at! and of worst when you are located above the Arabian Sea but far enough not to tan your bikini waxed body at beach! that’s lotta hell I am talking about – Ahmedabad city, my home and first love of my life – divided on two side of the river as west and east. As I’ve set my eyes on the computers to write this, the outside temperature is more than enough to boil my Indian testicles.This are the pictures my cousin took for me last week to kill the summer solitude! As simple it may sound, You can not literally go out bare skinned unless you wear  30 SPF sunblock or more.

Chirag Parmar Street Style Blog 239074

Chirag Losse slub tee Nuon shorts blogs

Loose slub t-shirt and short by NUON, Loafers by ZOLO, Bracelet by LóRA , WOMAGE Watch , FLOYD Wayfarer Sunglasses

Style Inspiration – The Unusual Yellow

Style Inspration

When was the last time you wore something out of your comfort zones and flaunted it even better? one of many jobs of fashion blogger is not mentioned in catalogues and yet is to observe the people around, what they are wearing and how. I saw this guy with unusual bright yellow sneakers and light yellow shirt paired with yellow belt. As much as I enjoy observing people’s fashion sense, the unusual yellow gave me an instant rush under adrenaline! For once I thought; OMJC, what in the name of Holy Fashion!? But then I found myself an inspiration and I sure this whole white-blue-yellow collection is going to flaunt the gentlemen out of you. See the details herexoxo

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