Guy’s DON’Ts for Daily Casual Wear

Despite its utterly visible simplicity, choosing right kind of daily casual wear can be pain. There are so many un-planned first meetings that just come across and making first better impression is harder. With all my observations I am listing up some DON’Ts that will save you damage and help you flaunt your daily casual wears.
Don’t wear Chinos with Round Neck Skin Tight Tshirt
It’s not the comfort clothe meant for night sleep. Irrespective of your body structure, skin tight round neck t-shirts (specially basic colours like red, yellow, blue) is not a good pair with chinos. polo, checks and printed shirts will do better instead.
Don’t wear clothes with fake logos
I can always tell the Versace jacket you’re wearing is original or brought at some street market in Bangkok. Wearing fake brands never gives right impression. If Armani and Gucci is not your cup of tea, Zara, FCUK and Forever21 are your best options.
Do not imitate the entire look from runway
You can’t simply just walk around multilayered like those skinny male models at Donna Karen and Frankie Morello fashion show. Their Only idea is to show what they have got for you and imitating it fully will wrong impression. I’d always go only for 2 layers. And this multi-layering is practically inconvenient if you are in hot subcontinent of South East Asia or Gulf continent.
Don’t go for cheap Deodorants and large number of perfumes
Admit it. Perfume makes better impression than the cheap strong deodorant. Fragrances are bound to give more professional and positive appeal. Also, don’t put on different perfume almost every day. Keep consistency and have one perfume for some time. Make it your signature fragrance. Let the people remember you whenever they come across that smell.
Don’t put on mocassins while you can flaunt sneakers
Sneakers can be guy’s best friend. Don’t go for mocassins for day to day wear unless otherwise you are businessmen or manager at Multi-national Corporation. As trendy it may sound, Mocassins are bound to give first impression of over perfection which is again not advisable. Sneaker is far way trendy to rock your denim.
Don’t accessorise too much
“When accessorizing always take off the last thing you put on” Said Coco Chanel. It applies to guys as well. Unless otherwise, you are a Bryan Boy and sit at front row of Milan Fashion week, too much accessorizing is not for you. Do not have more than two bracelets on one wrist. Watch on left hand and maximum two bracelet on your right hand will do. Don’t get too fuzzy with neck piece. Lighter skinnier chain will do better but don’t make it too funky and center of attraction.
Don’t wear too many luxury labels at one time
There is a term “Problem of Plenty” when you create a mess around because you’ve got plenty of everything. Do not put all your Dolce & Gabbana and Versace and Armani and Fendi and Chanel on same day. People will call you FAKE even if your daddy plays golf with Obama. Pair these labels with the stuff you bought from local store, less known labels or online retailers.

Style Inspiration – The Unusual Yellow

Style Inspration

When was the last time you wore something out of your comfort zones and flaunted it even better? one of many jobs of fashion blogger is not mentioned in catalogues and yet is to observe the people around, what they are wearing and how. I saw this guy with unusual bright yellow sneakers and light yellow shirt paired with yellow belt. As much as I enjoy observing people’s fashion sense, the unusual yellow gave me an instant rush under adrenaline! For once I thought; OMJC, what in the name of Holy Fashion!? But then I found myself an inspiration and I sure this whole white-blue-yellow collection is going to flaunt the gentlemen out of you. See the details herexoxo

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