11 Looks from Men’s Spring Summer ’15 collection that I’d TOTALLY wear !!!

Said Once Coco Chanel, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman”. So do they remember Man!! I belong to those theorists who believe in the power of perfect attire and advocate that very first impression is formed by the way you have dressed yourself. Said that, season after season, hundreds of designers come up with the collection that we later see people wearing. Men’s Spring Summer Fashion Weeks are almost over (considering main – London, Milan and Paris weeks) and I pretty much loved the concepts that some of the designers came up with. But It’s hard to say which one of them is my favourite. SO, I am going to share with you the 11 looks that I liked most and I WOULD TOTALLY WEAR THESE TOTAL LOOKS!!


Vivienne Westwood Created a look that has two layered top, shirt in white silk shirt layered by cross buttoned grey shirt with raw finishing. The look was finished with navy blue trouser and black sandals making it perfect for the end of Indian Summer .

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Sibling Spring Summer 2015, London Collection Men

As we roll back on time, one can pretty much sum up Sibling’s progression as a knit revolution. But would it be limiting the scope of this collection if I were to mention only the knit and ignore everything else which is pretty much part the collection. On second note, would it be pretty much unfair to call the collection Extravagant too, not because it is not but because it would be unfair to quote what the designers have been doing at Siblings ever since they started!  Hair becomes the one of the highlighted feature with presence on skirt and tops that gives the whole spidery knit effect. The designer trio introduced so called “Scarified denim” that appeared on coats, jackets and trousers. Unlike most other collection at London Fashion Week, shades of red formed significant part of Sibling Collection. (Click on the picture to view full size)

sibling-mens-spring-summer-2015-lfw1 sibling-mens-spring-summer-2015-lfw2 sibling-mens-spring-summer-2015-lfw3 sibling-mens-spring-summer-2015-lfw9 sibling-mens-spring-summer-2015-lfw8 sibling-mens-spring-summer-2015-lfw7 sibling-mens-spring-summer-2015-lfw6 sibling-mens-spring-summer-2015-lfw5
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Sibling Men’s AW 14 – London Men’s Collection 2014


The Aw 14 collection is inspired by the working men: Dockers, miners, engineers, steel workers and all the male members of their families who come along to earn living.
The knitwear revolution at sibling continues. The bold stripes are added to hand knit cable stitched cardigan and jumpers. Suits get new life with shorts. Blazer is hand crocheted with flower and belted versions are pulled together. Graphic sweatshirts are hand knitted.

SIBLING focuses on coal black (tarmac, coal and oil), grey and berry and arsenic shades. Hand crafted denim and multi layered knit form a perfect pair of work wear with a unique blend of SIBLING dynamics. Softness in work wear is reflected with the hand work tradition at SIBLING.

“We were inspired by the photography of John Bulmer who documented Manchester, the Potteries and the Black Country throughout the 1960s. We wanted to capture the spirit of the working man showing his love, not with shop-bought trinkets, but by day after day of back-breaking, laborious graft to support his family.” said SIBLING Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery.

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