I met this beautiful girl couple month back in a family setup. In India it is expected of you to get married where your parents decides for you (obviously you are given freedom to say YAY or NAY ) that is called Arranged Marriage , most prevalent marriage system in India. And I was no exception! we talked on phone, went out of lunches and movies and finally got married 10 month later. Marriage ceremony and festivities continues for not less than 3 days. sometimes a week! Mine went on for 4 days. And over span of 3 days, I had Haldi for five times (that is highest times in any Indian Hindu Community). first day is Ganesh Pooja and First Haldi, Everybody is supposed to wear Yellow this day. So did I. (here are the pictures)  Second day is Garba (Sangeet Function or Dance) plus the grand Dinner inviting all our neighbours, colleagues, extended families and friends. 3rd day is wedding day when all the rituals take place at Bride’s home. Groom with his Family and friends arrive at bride’s home dancing with DJ and decorated cars etc. There’s also grand lunch here for all the guest, 4th day I had was Wedding Reception inviting very limited and close friends. pictures will follow in next few posts.


G – O – A

Goa, Sin City of India,is the perfect fusion of Indian and western cultures at coast of Arabian Ocean. Talk about cuisines, music, living habits or the clothing sense. As much as reflects the Portuguese vibes, its equally Indian. The place where you can be you, without any worries, talk your real senses, booze till you’re awake, dance till you drop while only endless ocean is your balcony. its so beyond beautiful, you wouldn’t want to go back to your basic.


Dr Martens 1461

FullSizeRender - Copy copy

When I put on a pair of shoes, it’s not just shoes; it is the expression of who I am ultimately as a person and a human being. That is why I spend more on Shoes than on clothes. Though I really don’t judge people, the shoes they put on make an ever-lasting impression on me! So, being the shoe maniac that I am, I just purchased my first pair of Dr Martens shoes. These are 1461 black smooth boots. Dr Marten is more than a brand, it’s a cult and you have to sip into it every moment to love brand like this. Classy? YES, Rebellious? YES. The brand itself speaks for the boots by just making them!! You have to be Rebelling to be wearing those boots!! I can pretty much relate my taste for fashion to the class that these boots provide!! These boots were pretty much everything I wanted for past couple of months. The infamous bouncing sole and yellow stitching are yet another feathers in the hat! I simply can’t wait to flaunt them at next fashion week.


shoe collage

Being a “type A” shoe Maniac that I am, here I bring to you my forever favorite shoes. Though , the shoes I am talking about here are from limited brands and I am not giving much of an options mostly because I have my choices defined and I would rarely go out of my way and despite this fact I love experimenting. I am forever in love with these Hightop Dr Martenes Jadon (1) and 1461 Antique Temprley (2) and I wish to have them both in my closet soon. I think Dr Martenes is more than a brand, It’s a cult! With very niche and unique customer base, they always stands upto the class. Giusseppe Zanotti is synonym of hightop for my conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious self!! I own a pair of hightop sneakers from the designer, I just can not get enough of these two pairs (3 & 4) of metal strapped hightops. Lastly, Jeremy Scott X Adidas Originals Mickey Hi (5) and Bones (6) has been catching up my attention for quit a while and I would surely miss a beat when I flaunt them soon (Though they are not available through official channels, I will manage to get them)