Sunshine: Rolling in Deep


Had there been a chances of someone coming along, would you have waited on a stone table or you were just too cynical to get the war with The White Witch over with, out of your amateurish ways, you would rather take your chances and end up hurting the ones you love the most? Yourself is the most important self for you and you do what you want and despite the known collateral damage you have to take the high road and find yourself in the most miserable pain of your life. And then all of sudden you realise that’s not you! You & him may have been the dopey and grumpy all your life but when that collateral damage hit the rock bottom, you make Monroe and bobby sound much better. The phase of your life when all your conversations with him starts with boo and ends with bae may not be the best but you like to put on the best stilettos to walk that walk, talk about what you had for lunch and bombard that all on a social media for the world to see. The reality around you has moved along, from the expectations of glass sandals to Louboutins, or from overalls to drop crotch pants and yet you are the same mess you have always been and who to blame? What went wrong?  Is it his denial to pony up the good stuff, something you used to get for free? Had there been a time to trade his good deeds for your indignity, would there have been slightest change in your current state of mind? Is your metro-sexual life a literal derivation of learning of the words like Man-whore, Boy-browsing, Thigh-brows, sexcapade, Man-spreading or Bro-jobs courtesy of the cosmopolitan life that we lead? You say you don’t do relationships you just date, Is that out of your insecurities of breaking up into terrible twos later? Would your decision not to do a relationship remain unchanged if she/he were a Victoria’s Secret Angel/ Andrew Christian Model? Isn’t your shirtless selfies or where you had your cold-decafe-mocha enough to snapchat that you have to fake sarcasms now and then?

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