Photo Journal _ City of Lake, Udaipur


After my exams last week, I decided to go for a li’l fun trip. I have some friends living in the beautiful lake city Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan and I went there. Udaipur known as city of lake, tres belle ville is built by Mahrana Udai Singh & is famous tourist spot that attracts Indian and international travellers. The architecture rich city is full of many historical buildings and lakes that includes the City Palace which used to be the King’s palace (though half of the palace is open for visitors and half is occupied by royal heirs for their residence). Other famous places that I visited include, Maharaja Palace situated in the middle of chipola lake, Saheliyon ki bari, Gangor Ghat and Jagdish mandir. And here are some of the pictures which I hope you’ll like.

DSC03220 DSC03218 DSC03217 DSC03158 DSC03151 DSC03118 DSC03123 DSC03129 DSC03147 DSC03139 DSC03111 DSC03101 DSC03093 DSC03092 DSC03090 DSC03084 DSC03087DSC03081 DSC03076  City Palace Main Picture 20150408_193413 20150408_193313 20150408_121444 20150408_115752


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