interview with Alexia Aubert , Designer behind the brand Solovière

Alexia Aubert, Shoe Designer behind the brand Solovière

I was lucky today to ask some questions to very thriving and passionate shoes designer Alexia Aubert ; woman behind the brand Solovière. Alexia gave us very classy and elegant shoe collection. Here is the full conversation !

Will you tell our audience about your background.

I had the chance to start my adventure with Christian Louboutin shoes, in 2003, when the team was like a family.Our shutters were opened each morning in the courtyard of the office rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau and leaving by train berth in the factories in Milan. Christian rub every day in the studio, see the draw, have fun, listen to recount his travels and especially his drive home with a rare intelligence was crucial for me. Leaving Christian Louboutin for Pierre Hardy, I would know a real challenge. Pierre is the best, a genius of design, incomparable artist and I had to be up for it. The products are complicated, each collection is a challenge. At his side I improved and I gained his confidence. In 2009, he told me all the lines of the Pierre Hardy, from the woman to the man, the sneaker, not to mention the line of bags and also a new line of sneakers. It is in Pierre I started to take a liking to the male shoe.Two years later, I went to live in New York to join Oscar de la Renta, the designer of American high society. Customer of the house is the opposite of trendy young woman who buys shoes Pierre Hardy. We’re talking about a woman between 35 and 75 years, conservative and very feminine. In fashion, the shows are intense periods and work in the United States demand the strength and diplomacy. It’s very educational.


When did you realise you want to become Fashion designer?

A fashion designer never, a shoe designer always. I was getting already excited with shoes when I was 15. All the money from my babysitting was to buy some luxury shoe rue de Grenelle. Then I combined my two passion for sketching and shoes and I found out that I wanted to be that. It was not very fancy twelve years ago in Paris so it had no school to learn such a job.

How do you define today’s fashion?

Intense, and Immense. So many amazing designers and so many collection each year. When I talk about my job with people that are not in the fashion industry, especially men, they are really confused. Winter products delivers in July, and I am sketching almost one year ahead, plus every fashion houses has different calendars. Even me I am loosing it some times.

That s why for my project Soloviere I wanted to keep the timming more rational : to create non seasonnal items, or carry over the products people love.

How do you define your personal style?

A very well-know US editor at Conde Nast said I had a jazzy style.

I was lucky to work for Mister de la Renta , so I have some amazing feather knitwear pieces, or some embroidered tweed jacket.

I am mixing everything together : the flat boyish shoes, the leather pant, and the feather, a sequin crochet hat…It is like all over the place

Also some people will call me a french bourgeoise. Everywhere I go I can not hide that I am coming from a posh family. It is kind of funny , because I feel that I always wanted to be a rebel, and I really couldn’t…

What matters to you most as a designer?

Silhouette, unicity and personality. Speaking about a shoe, it will be the walking, the allure, the dancing. The reinvention of yourself with a simple pair of flat shoe in white or a patent black bootie. It says it all…

How do you select materials / fabrics / colours for your collections?

I want something , I can either find it at the leather fair in Paris, or discussing material concept with my agent. I love emotional material that reminds me of something. Flannel will be a chic cosy living room, patent will be the nightlife in the 80s. I love the stories of each materials.

Speaking about colors , I always have my preference, I love navy, grey, and white.

Do you think formal education in fashion designing is important to be successful designer? Upto what extent?

No. Technical is essential though. But you can learn it from your internship experience or going to the factories. You learn the most from suppliers for sure. Also Pierre Hardy was an excellent master for footwear design to me.

What do you like most about designing a pair of shoes?

I like to sketch with my black pen, to scan, to receive a sample a week after, to take a pair of scissors and some tape ,and to reinvent the shoe, to try it on my partner, to discuss it, to go to Italy , to speak about the last, the color the details, I love it all.

Do you see yourself as an artist?

Absolutely never, I am not confident enough. But i think I might be one, if I listen to the people around me.

I am a good sketcher, with some cuckoo ideas sometimes..

What can we expect from your next collection?

A sneacker extremely chic and different. Some amazing materials on my classic carry over styles… Some happiness for your feet.

Any styling tip for the readers?

Be classique , confident, and unique, and start with your shoes.

You can see the entire collection here .

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