Casual Inspiration : Men

Casual Inspuration

You are nothing if not fashionable! That’s what Every inch of my skin screams all the time, being stylish and in fashion is not the need only to be in this industry but it’s very yourself. Being fashionable is like pumping the oxygen to inner soul. Being casual and in style is need of everyday cause you don’t have to be at store launch or a red carpet event everyday but you have to be fashionable!

I am going to share some of things that I would include in my everyday style and may inspire you find the perfect pieces to define your perfect casual style!

You can always wear tee w/ neck detailing with denim shorts.  Be it loose slub or turtle neck. Zara, Givenchy and Balenciaga always have something of this sort in their collections. Price conscious fashionistas can always go to Sammy Dress, or Alibaba.

Adidas X Jeremy Scott Bones: Jeremy Scott X Adidas Originals collaborations have us flaunt out casual funky feet everyday! I myself love wings and bones most. I’d rather go to sober bones than the multicolour ones.

Round glasses : It’s been really hard for me to find perfect pair of round sunglasses from Gucci, Armani or other Italian brands and I do not mind making my way towards Chinese websites who offers great style.

Chanel Hula hoop bag: okay! May be little over the top to be labelled as Casual but I’m quite sure to flaunt this Black hula hoop Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld may have it in the women’s collection, now in store, this hula hoop was flaunted enough by some (really fashionable) fashion editor & I’d take my best shot !

Watch: Watch is must have on any day of the week. But you must tone it down to the occasion. Have more than 2 watches in your wardrobe. For casual use, I’d personally prefer something bit sporty. Swatch Touch has been my favourite since the day it was launched.

Fragrance: I am everything about Fragrance. For your casual day endeavours, have not so strong smells. I’d like Lactoste eau de Lactoste, Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Men and Paco Rabanne One Million Men,.

And something in your neck! : carrying a li’l something on your neck will make you feel comfortable. I’d like necklace with thinner chain and moderate size of pendant. I’d definitely put on THAT infamous Tom Ford Penis necklace  which was big controversy if nothing last week.


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