Most Elegant Prom Dresses for the Season


Prom being the one of most memorable events in every girl’s life, it’s equally important to have the perfect dress (of course with a perfect date) for a prom night. It’s every girl’s dream to look and feel like princess on her prom night and having a perfect dress to crate that princess feel is vital. For most of girls, prom doesn’t remain an average high school event but becomes one of very few platforms to create bundle of memories that can be cherished for the lifetime. Classy, elegant and in vogue dress is essential key to keep your date on your toes and to win the prom queen crown.

As much happy girls are to wear the prom dress, it’s equally hard to find the perfect prom dress. With right selection of Prom dress, you are sure to feel like fairy or princess. But with a slightest wrong move in selecting a dress and you would end up looking cheap bimbo despite having spent a great deal of money. And that makes task of choosing the perfect prom dress bit difficult requiring lot of considerations. One must consider their body structure, skin tone and then must match it with the colour palette of dress and type of dress (short, full length, backless, one sleeved etc). Perfect prom dress is essential to flaunt your inner diva in an utterly elegant way and thereby getting noticed.

With this article, I am writing about utterly classy, attractive and elegant prom dresses that I recently discovered them at PromTimes


This sleeveless full length dress in shade of black with straps on shoulder is sexy and elegant. Deep neck and cut from thighs to floor makes it a statement dress. The detailing on side, straps and deep neck is pretty alluring. The half of back is bare while half has crop and has the same detailing as straps.


This one sleeved backless dress in royal blue is yet another classy dress for the girls who want to be in power at prom. The full length dress with detailing on shoulder and top border is whimsical. The crop on left side with equal detailing with sunlike illustration is gorgeous and is sure to flaunt your inner sexy diva.



This mini dress with all “extended sleeve to side” off shoulder dress in blue and red is your perfect cocktail companion. The dress has part of chest and side cropped and has net stitched over this cropped parts. This net fabric is beautifully embellished giving it sharp, rich and fancy look. These kinds of dresses are easy to wear and carry around.


This full length, sweep brush train style dress is utterly gorgeous and best way to rock your inner princess. Sleeveless dress in shade of Champagne with fabric belt right above waist makes the dress even more beautiful.  This mermaid styled backless dress touching the floor gives it equally fairy and royal touch at same time. This can be your perfect prom, bridesmaid or cocktail party dress.


The sleeveless, sweetheart shaped dress in rich dark navvy colour is perfect for the girl who doesn’t want to show her bold side but yet want to flaunt her femininity. The bottom has knee length ruffle on front and floor length ruffle on back while the embellished details on upper half adds well to the audacity of the dress.

Final words : Prom is one time opportunity to flaunt your beauty, to embrace your inner princess, to create the memories that will last forever. Major factor in choosing the dress lies upon your personal tastes and preferences and how you perceive your inner self to be.


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