Bibhu Mohapatra Spring Summer 2015, New York Fashion Week

Inspired by 1920s activist and writer Nancy Cunard, the collection was what they call “de rigueur” meaning “in vogue” or up to date with latest fashion. In an interview with Forbes, Bibhu Mohapatra labelled the woman who would wear this collection as “impatient of her individuality” Designer said that he wanted to channel curnad’s independence, strength and eccentric spirit as well as reflect her exotic travels in prints. Evening wear included hand pleated chiffon and silk gowns while woven leather made an impressive day wear.bibhu-mohapatra-spring-summer-2015-nyfw2

bibhu-mohapatra-spring-summer-2015-nyfw3 bibhu-mohapatra-spring-summer-2015-nyfw4 bibhu-mohapatra-spring-summer-2015-nyfw6 bibhu-mohapatra-spring-summer-2015-nyfw7 bibhu-mohapatra-spring-summer-2015-nyfw8 bibhu-mohapatra-spring-summer-2015-nyfw9 bibhu-mohapatra-spring-summer-2015-nyfw10 bibhu-mohapatra-spring-summer-2015-nyfw11 bibhu-mohapatra-spring-summer-2015-nyfw14 bibhu-mohapatra-spring-summer-2015-nyfw15 bibhu-mohapatra-spring-summer-2015-nyfw16 bibhu-mohapatra-spring-summer-2015-nyfw1


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