Carrolina Herrera Spring Summer 15, NewYork Fashion Week

Nothing seemed so cliché at first glance when Carolina Herrera tried to go-round with floral for spring summer collection as she has done this before. But the task was to sample new fabrics and experiment new materials making the collection edgy while she kept trying to push the boundaries the embroidery on skirt was unusual and simply outstanding. She took a step furtherer by painting those pieces into pink and then piecing them together like tile mosaic. But for those who may want to play safe and mainstream, there are pieces for them as well.carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw1

carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw2 carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw3 carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw4 carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw5 carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw6 carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw7 carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw8 carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw9 carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw10 carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw11 carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw12 carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw13 carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw15 carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw16 carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw18 carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw19 carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw21 carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw23 carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw24 carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw27 carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw29 carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw30 carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw31 carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw33 carolina-herrera-spring-summer-2015-nyfw35




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