In conversation with Aurelyen, designer behind the fashion label Misericordia

last week, I was lucky enough to ask some question to Aurelyen, Paris based Ready to wear designer and the man behind the brand Misericordia. Here is the interview at full length, , the words are his own, there is no editing



Q: Will you tell our audience about your back ground.?
I’m born near Paris. I spent my childhood, hanging out passionately in the cinemas of the Boulevard Montparnasse. I studied Beaux Arts in Cergy. Just after graduating, I went to New York to absorb the American Art and simply breathe. Back in Paris, I work in the world of Art and Architecture with great French artists. Then he decides to travel the world for two years, led by the idea of discovering new artists and different creative worlds.The meeting with Peru takes place in 2003. There, I decided to create the Misericordia Project
Q: When did you realise you want to become Fashion designer?
Since little, I want to create, invent a world. The walls of my room of my childhood were a fashion blog.
Q: How do you define today’s fashion?
A true form of expression, and independence in our confused world

Q: How do you define your personal style?
A workaholic, Who’s always running
Q: What matters to you most as a designer?
The respect of my team and the spirit of Misericordia. Being ready to meet people that want to share true emotions with me. 
Q: How do you select materials / fabrics / colours for your collections?
On the streets of Lima, with my faithful suppliers. We use only Peruvian fabrics, the best quality of cotton, wool and alpaca, developed by talented factories working for years to improve excellence in Peru. 
Q: Do you think formal education in fashion designing is important to be successful designer? Upto what extent?
I spent my youth in museums and cinemas. It was a preparation to open all horizons. There is only one way to learn: it is traveling. By all means.
Q: What do you like most about designing a piece of cloth?
Think about the person who will wear this garment, and transmit the history of the Misericordia team of seamstresses who made this second skin.
Q: Do you see yourself as an artist?
I do not define my self. I hope to still have 2 or 3 extra lives…
Q: How do you select your models? Do you have any favourite models?
The latest model to our campaign, I met him at our shop in Paris. He came out of the dressing room and I knew it was him. I love the meetings that are about love of fashion.
Q: What can we expect from your next collection?
The next collection, our urban uniform consists of pure and simple volumes enhance the elegance of the minimalist garderobe. Invitation to enjoy the present moment, Misericordia is for lovers of informal style and relaxed lifestyle. The refinement of the Misericordia collection is enhanced by pure colors that magnify the finest Peruvian textiles.
On the other side of the mirror, we develop a graphical world, consisting of all over prints that develop a beautiful three-dimensional landscape. A very poetic and artistic environment that emerges from our line of jersey. Through mix pieces that wander between the dressing of our girlfriend and our boyfriend.
Q: Any styling tip for the readers?
Be yourself. 
Q: where can the readers buy your collection?
At our shop in Paris : 7, 9 rue de Charonne and online on our website
Collection-Summer-2015 BD-01(1) Collection-Summer-2015-03 BD

Special Thanks to Cristofolli Press for providing the pictures and making this interview happen

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