Vaskolg Sculptural jewellery show


Sculptural Jewellery VASKOLG is outcome of Craftsmanship and high-end expertise. Designer behind the brand, Olga Kiwerski proposes architectural and rhythmic body adornments and reflects futuristic elements in her limited edition pieces. It made me feel the proud discovering that the inspiration behind this utterly classy and catchy collection is derived from her journey to my country India. Use of diverse materials that includes gold and silver threads, lava stone, metal, feathers and true eternal roses, crystals and leather, paper, labradorite and onyx, old wild silk saree, pearls and corals, pure ceramic and precious wood, and new technologies (audio player, articulated light system, USB key…) etc augments the ornaments to next level. Sculptural jewellery fashion show is a rare and unique opportunity to showcase the ornament. (Click on the pictures to view full size)

vas_HC_fw14_113 vas_HC_fw14_118 vas_HC_fw14_125 vas_HC_fw14_129

vas_HC_fw14_135vas_HC_fw14_054  vas_HC_fw14_050 vas_HC_fw14_042 vas_HC_fw14_032 vas_HC_fw14_036 vas_HC_fw14_045  vas_HC_fw14_040 vas_HC_fw14_041 vas_HC_fw14_028 vas_HC_fw14_012 vas_HC_fw14_005 vas_HC_fw14_003 Feature  vas_HC_fw14_163  vas_HC_fw14_150 vas_HC_fw14_142 vas_HC_fw14_106 vas_HC_fw14_096 vas_HC_fw14_088 vas_HC_fw14_085 vas_HC_fw14_074 vas_HC_fw14_057 vas_HC_fw14_060 vas_HC_fw14_064 vas_HC_fw14_071 vas_HC_fw14_070vas_HC_fw14_169


Pictures Courtesy of Cristofolli Press
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