My Dream Prom


Would there be 2 perfect dates a girl would have fascinated all her adolescence, the Cinderella moment that every girl wishes to live forever, is her prom day and her wedding day. If there would be another day to cherish more than her wedding day, it ought to be a prom. This is the time of the life that every high school graduate is insatiably dreaming of for her entire life. This is the day when the girl is more empowered than ever (and secretly hoping to have his dream boy ask her as prom-date). While for some it may just one high school event that is not a mandatory, it is a dream of million others to live the happiest moments. Equally important to winning a prom queen title is to have a perfect prom dress that will embrace the fairy princess out of any high school girl.

To feel empowered, confident and gorgeous fairy diva, the dress she puts on is utterly important. And a perfect prom dress is one that ensures to flaunt the hidden princess. Therefore the prom dress must be cutting edge, classy, whimsical and the best a princess can have. To help you chose better prom dress, I have handpicked some prom dresses from the Victoria’s Dress Collection  that is sure to flaunt the pretty princess Fiona out of you. These dresses as soft as fur and as light as air are sure to be your prom choice this season.

Long Prom Dresses

The Sleeveless full length milk white backless chiffon gown with neck and front detailing is very fairy. It gets the royal touch with the shade of white and the detailing. The beading ensures enough proportion of audacity. The sharp cutting makes the dress feast for the eyes and is dream prom dress of any high school girl.


Dark navy blue, Strapless, crafted with Taffeta, beading embellished, and backless body hugging long prom dress is assured to show your wildest curves. Bowknot detail right down the chest is whimsical. Dress with Drape down from the bust, hangs to the ground. The perfect choice for the girl with strong will to placate her nerves of womanhood and who likes to be in charge!


One shouldered dress in the palate of blood red, with alluring knee to ground ruffles is finished with zipper and is backless. The off shoulder strap, making the half v / half heart shape is everything a prom queen needs to reign! The dress gets fairy touch with beading and embellished, cross body details from right shoulder to left hip that looks like stone work.

Short Prom Dress

If there is a LBD for a prom, this has to be it! Minimal, elegant and classy dress is backless, has zipper and is finished in the fabric of tulle. Alluring short prom dress with Sweetheart neckline and beading is catchy. The ruffle detailing from waist to knee makes it a perfect dress for high school prom.

Finished in the Tulle, this is yet another black gown, perfect for a ballroom. The lace and appliqué detailing are sharp and cutting edge. The beautiful small ball gown will surely shine the princess inside you when it glitters, reciprocating to the lights of ballroom.

Full Length Ball Gown


The floor length Ball gown with ruffles detailing from waist to ground, beading and lace up back, sleeveless, sweetheart shape is delicately crafted in organza. Let this prom season a true princess fly out and take to the ultimate wonderland adventure.


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