Zara’s Spring Lookbook decoded

While the world may be lusting over the serenity of spring fling and indulge in never-ending romance with their favourite time of the year, I cannot forget but think about the west-Indian summer where there is nothing serene but the sweating and where the sun block is necessary to leave the roof. For Indians, this is the most appropriate time to go on holiday, noticeable to US, Europe or Far East in order to get the least possible summer stains on their faces and bodies.

Said enough about the summer, here is how I would analyze the Zara’s spring Look book.

What is it?
Colour palate of green, black, white and blue is optimal to the season. The faux leather biker’s jacket may be well paired with round neck basic tee for Indian summer motorcycle ride. The basic white slim shirt and black skinny pant paired together is typical but everything, mainly fashion irrespective or any age or location. Yet another perfect spring experiment Zara man will be pairing faux leather jacket with a leather sandal (not so typical Indian) in bit extravagant and utterly classy fashion.

How to pair it?

Moccasins or loafers may be well paired with these coffee and green chinos. Closed toe, long laced sparkly leather shoes will go well with formal black and white. Faux leather jackets will do well with rugged denims. White short with lose neck (printed) tees and sandals will do for your hangouts. Though, accessorises remain intensively absence in the campaign, cross shoulder bag would do well with shorts while men’s tote is totally in for formals.

See More pictures here





Picture’s Courtesy: Zara India


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