DRVV by Dhruv Kapur Summer Resort 14 collection

Under his Label DRVV, young designer Dhruv Kapur presented his Summer Resort collection at Lakme Fashion Week. The collection reflected duplicity and duality in monochromes. The designer played unsafe with unconventional detailing like double waistbands and lapels along with detachable sleeves. The two faced garments with more interesting design elements, like coat back jumpsuit, skirt back trouser, and trail dress took over the ramp. The silhouette was created from the fabrics like double sided crêpe, georgette, cotton sateen, organza and silk flat chiffon. The French cuff and built in bow shirt also form a part of these 12 garments collection.


59969_479182542186767_2078564807_n 1005933_479182578853430_500433378_n 1184932_479182778853410_1840152254_n 1238317_479182515520103_936314288_n 1461277_479182585520096_2004608867_n 1477359_479182615520093_82589843_n 1619361_479182635520091_797068234_n 1794593_479182672186754_767133912_n 1798420_479182705520084_1223138097_n  1966917_479182532186768_1471082191_n 1970581_479182738853414_1744560798_n 1977315_479182825520072_369984028_n 10013838_479182798853408_708935704_n

Pictures Source : DRVV Facebook Page || Content Courtesy : Lakme Fashion Week


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