Shanghai Tang Spring Summer 14 Campaign

Feature Inspired by the golden age of Hollywood, shot in Morocco, the campaign features Chinese supermodels Bonnie Chen and Zhao Lei with perfect styling and vivid lighting. Through the lance of photographer Richard Bernardin, Shanghai Tang brings to life the elusive glamour and sophistication of modern Chinese aesthetic. The eroded cliffs, luscious plants and gleaming white architecture provide the perfect setting for the campaign, resonating with its sheen textures, redefines tropical prints and bold contours. The contrasting colours of picturesque environment accentuate the story of jet-setting couple on a sophisticated summer vacation cropped_2845_1392606983 cropped_2847_1392602509 cropped_2849_1392368825 cropped_2859_1392606730cropped_2851_1392365999 cropped_2853_1392367436  cropped_2861_1392368374 cropped_2863_1392368723 cropped_2865_1392368815 cropped_2867_1392602520 cropped_2869_1392602529 cropped_2871_1392602535  cropped_2877_1392602775 cropped_2879_1392602822 cropped_2881_1392369654 cropped_2883_1392369782 cropped_2885_1392369842 cropped_2887_1392369878 Feature

Picture and content Source : Shanghai Tang

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