Channel KOBE presenting Japanese designers in Paris


Japanese fashion hub Kobe has been undertaking various projects to promote and nurture emerging and young designers from Japan. The efforts include actions to place such immerging designers on global fashion front, introducing and promoting Japanese fabrics and materials (which is highly admired and adored by many of industry leaders)

One such effort is Exhibition of Japanese designer’s collections that will be held at

 Cité de la Mode , 34 quai d’Austerlitz – 75013 Paris during January 17-18, 10am-7pm and January 19, 10am-6pm.

The designers/labels forming a part of event are listed below with brief descriptions.

orSlow by Ichiro Nakatsu
Designer Ichiro Nakatsu takes inspiration from the city of San Francisco of 1957 – a time with no internet and the lifestyle, fashion and music were quite different than today. The clothes were not disposable then and were meant tobe cherished for long time. The collection is ought to remind of 1957’s manufacturing environment, when the things were not as commonplace as they are today.

Seminead by Kazuya Achiha
Designer takes inspiration from the traditional art, commodities and cultural heritages. The team used to meet craftsmen at various workshops in Japan and imbibed their ideas while creating the collections. With the use of improved old loom, they invented a material that had great feel and has better heat retaining and fast drying properties.

Ryu by Ryuya Kimura
With his experiences in various fields in Russia and England, Ryuya Kimura returned to start up his own label in 2004. He was awarded the Judges’s special award at IX international young designer’s contest in Russia.

No, No, Yes! By Taichiro Hashimoto and Makoto Kawamura
The brand was established in Kobe in 2005 and transferred its atelier to Tokyo in 2006. The brand has been regular participant at Paris Fashion week since 2008. The brand also participated at 2012 New York fashion week collection in and 2013 Berlin fashion week. The brand also offers bespoke clothing for specific needs. The brand designs customised costumes for musician including artist such as Lenny Kravitz. The brand focuses on essential quality of leather and offers experiences filled with new discoveries.

Câbleami by Shuji Sadamori and Tomoka Sadamori
At Câbleami, the designers develop their own material with quality textiles. They aspire to create best products by altering the fabrics and materials with the use of their expertise, which ensures the perfect fit in unique design. The brand provides variety of style from traditional-casual and outdoor wears that is result of best combination of contemporary technology and traditional manufacturing processes.

Source : Cristofoli Press

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