Spanish Fantasies, American Dreams

Spanish Fantasies VS American Dreams

I know, I know. I have featured this Paco Rabanne fragrance repeatedly in my previous articles (Here , Here and Here). But my obsession over this alluring seductive fragrance is not fading yet. Perfume is not something I get as Diwali or birthday present (I guess that’s for good, people may not know I am very cho0sy about the fragrances I put on, and most of time such gifted perfumes would lie in cupboard unused, untouched and unpacked or will end up in the closet of my far far cousins.)  I admire Carolina Herrera for cunning details and designs on her wedding gowns and Paco Rabanne for their bags. But let’s just keep this article limited to my love triangle with these two fragrance. Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Men and Paco Rabanne One Million Men. These two are the best perfumes any of the international labels can offer to me. For sure I can lust over my entire life with no other but these two bottles. Many of you know that I am obsessed with these two fragrances, as many of you asked me over past few months about fragrance suggestions and these two perfumes have been the answer forever!! And there cant be one best option for me when we talk about perfumes. I will need them both. I guess we are the best three-some partners ever!! On that note I am gonna sign off for now. I am planning something big and hope to come up with good news to all of you my beloved readers. Soon. xoxo

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