Fur for Him – Chapter II


Are you a Jacket person or a Coat person? I am definitely a Coat person with the obvious reason, I love something in plenty and coat is something u can have in whatever length you want, may be to your waist, or down till your knees. And when it comes to coats, nothing can be better than the fur, for we all love fur. There are some tips that will help you to be comfortable while you have your fur coat put on.

Fur Coats for Men

Choosing fur coat is not a child’s game. Fur has been most debatable and controversial issue in the world of fashion around the globe and will be. Why I am talking about it? Well, it seems that the winter is approaching, and the fur was hit last fall winter season on men’s cat walk. Ever wondered how flattering is fur on a guy? Again quite debatable. Moreover how much fur or fake fur a man opts to wear is the question. The fur trend varies on its extreme, may be one coat has fur collar while another is all around fur. This article is to inspire you chose whatever rocks your boat.

Fur Jackets Full Length

With Full length fur jackets, you are sure to be noticed, since it is massive fashion statement. I wonder if there is real difference between women’s fur coat and men’s. Why do I chose fur coat? Because fur is always a guarantee to provide you warmth, feel wicked most of all and I can also do a little bit of “fashion show” around. The research on a vintage fur coats say that if you are skinny enough, you could go well with both men’s and Women’s fur coat. The height is also major consideration here; go for a coat which well accompanies your height.

Picture 1Louis Vuitton

Fur coat by Louis Vuitton

Colours and Patterns

Your skin complexion plays very vital role while choosing on the colour. This applies to all the clothes, not just fur. Right colour enhances your complexion while wrong choice drains it. So you may keep trying the coats until u find the one which best suits your complexion. Take your time as there are so many fur coats just hanging in the wardrobe, because you just didn’t feel confident wearing them. And it’s not worth buying if you cannot feel confident in them.

picture 2 Velentino

Fur coat by Velentino

What does well with Fur Coats?

Denims look silly and anything casual is not something you want to pair up with fancy fur. This is luxury statement and you need something flamboyant to pair up with. Chose deeper and rich colour trousers or suits with your fur coats. Shimmery trousers and big portly boots will do well. This will make best masculine statement. Layering is essential underneath fur coat because when you enter the doors, my gosh you will be burning up a sweat in no time.

picture 3 zara

Coat with fur trimming collar by Zara

Trimming Coats

Top man, H.E Mango and Zara have a more gentle approach, having in stock coats with fake fur trimmings. This means, fur is hooded on jacket or collar. Trench coat with fur trimming looks enticing and is perfect choice for business and corporate wear.

picture 4 pelzkragen mantel herren

Trench coat with fur trimming by Pelzkragen Mantel Herren

 Ethics and Morals of fashion Conscious people

I will warn you now from all my debates with friends who have an argument of Animal Cruelty and “TOBEs” and “NOT TOBEs” of fashion world; that this fabric is not for the fainted hearted. To go for a fake fur or a real thing it’s all down to you and huge debate in the end.

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