Brownie and Blondie Pop up store



Purity, Modernization and singularity are the elements those well define the beauty of Brownie and Blondie’s A/W Collection. Moods of 21st century city life are utterly reflected in this collection. The brand combines high fashion Perspective with precision in tailoring and breaks through fabrics in French couture. The concept behind the label is innovative and unique that encompasses the casual feel of modern city, elements of sportswear and rock attitude.

A popup store of BROWNIE AND BLONDIE will be open 24 hours a day from 29th and 31st of October at Galerie Charlot 47 rue Charlot Paris 75003. SO save your date and head towards the popup store at any time of day or night from 29th to 31st Oct for having your ultimate shopping fantasies unleashed.
Extending the experience of Brownie and Blondie, the Pop Up Store will make a roadshow in Lyon, Lausanne and Berlin.

Capture d¹écran 2013-10-14 à 17.09.27

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