Now In Stores : BERNARD DELETTREZ Leather Collection

The universe of Bernard Delettrez is full of cunning creations and the jewelry he has been designing over last 30 years well depicts this fact. He is also the creator of equally exquisite and alluring accessories. Since His latest leather collection (Belts and Clutches) is now in stores, I would love to throw some light on this collection.

The collection is mixed up with unconditional love for the material (stones, gold, silver, bronze) and precise codes that works best in combination for the collection. Spiders and beetles coexist perfectly crowned skulls and articulated skeletons, while other owls and ravens readily coexist with cross crimped and gold keys .There is also wide range of rings and double rings, bracelets and necklaces. In this collection, the metal is carefully crafted with and combined with leather to offer an all new enticing era for your leather fantasies.


The collection is available at : . Merci 11 bd Beaumarchais 750003 Paris.

Also distributed at :

Harvey Nicholas 109-125 Knightsbridge London

Tabandeh 5300 Wisconsin ave. N.W Washington D.C 20015 Ph +12022440777






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