Liquid Dilution by Christine Phung – Spring Summer 14 collection

Ch Phung SS14 15

Discovering the Possibilities of water was the theme at Christine Phung’s Liquid Dilution – the SS 14 collection, Showcased at Paris Fashion Week.

The Imaginations of a young girl, plunging into water, the feelings of first contact, instant rush under adrenaline and feeling of detachment and abstraction followed by tricks of lights that creates shadows and images on her skin.

Christine Phung SS14 16

Christine Phung indulges herself into new discoveries of textiles and silhouettes. It then gets moulded into textiles in terms of style and structure i.e. reversible jacquard, patchwork, digitally printed lace.

The rays of metallic fibres mirroring the sun light were spun by the Maisons Mahlia Kent and Sfate & Combier. These fibres throw shine light on bomber jacket and a full-length dress. Swarovski crystals find themselves well scattered on the tops. Injected resins were created in collaboration with jewellery designer Tsuri Gueta.

Dresses, jackets and suits are made of the materials which reflect the control over waves. Precise sculptural and organic dresses reflect Maison Lognon’s pleats.

It is an invitation to enter a world where familiar landmarks disappear, where they evaporate.

Christine Phung SS14 19

Christine Phung SS14 18

Christine Phung SS14 15

Christine Phung SS14 13

Christine Phung SS14 21

Pictures Courtesy :  Cristofoli Press

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