Andrew Christian Model Contest

Andrew Christian is famous for unique and innovative designs of underwear. He is equally famous for his selection of models who pose in his underwear’s. And you wouldn’t deny the fact that every guy on universe would be dreaming to be his model. But it’s not just the six packs abs and biceps that makes you AC underwear Model. You must have spunk and must carry the attitude that of the AC models. If you think you have got what it takes to be AC model, you can enter the contest by sending your “Perfect Selfies” to Try your luck and get into the game for possibilities of posing in AC under wears. The last date for the entry is 22nd Sept.

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There are certain criteria for Perfect Selfie that must be met if you are to send your pictures:

Send in five (5) “Perfect Selfie” pics. (1) looking at the camera (2) focusing the lens (3) are holding a sign with your name (4) wearing Andrew Christian Underwear (5) providing a Facebook friendly photo (no pubes showing, dark underwear and cropped above the bulge).


For more Information, Look at

Twitter @chiiraag  ||| Instagram @chiiiraaag


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