Paul Smith SS ’14, London Fashion Week


Alluring and delicate pieces from the Paul Smith collection are equally gentle and relaxed. Two attractions define the whole new era of Paul Smith tailoring; a single button jacket with accentuated lapels is exquisite. A longer and less structured jacket is guaranty to grace. Shirts inspired by men’s clothing make appearances through out the collection with unique mixture of femininity. Whilst a kaleidoscope of colours combine on a hand-knitted chiffon vest-top and cap-sleeved sweatshirt.



Traditional textile patterns get the ultra contemporary vibes on lucid turquoise trench coat and high waist mini shorts. In soft cotton silk mix, almost suggestive of denim, there’s a casual suit jacket with over-dyed cheque pocket details.Polka dot lining and mismatched cuff buttons were sure to deliver the unexpected of Paul Smith tradition. With the bare necks, the skinny models finished their look with Portrait for women, new fragrance by Paul Smith.




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