Why I Love Blogging ..

Hey Guys! I am going to write something Different today! It’s not on fashion nor is it an article on some designer collection or Red carpet. But it is the basic of why I have been writing all these months. As the title Say “Why I Love Blogging?”


Not always it is possible to speak your thought in voice nor it is possible to have someone listen what you have to utter. The best option I get is to put my thoughts on a paper (or on .doc file!) and post it online, and have someone level headed read my thoughts and admire me for that. I let other millions (or few) around the globe read my mind through my blogs. Since, I had been good in written and spoken English, I chose to write in English, Nevertheless to say, I wrote some shayaris in Guajarati when I was in my collage and also tried to write a novel. I love to blog because something (What I know already or what I discover through routine life) that I got inside me; I’d want the world to know, and recognize me for that. Sometimes I get frustrated when I have written nothing for long time, getting me on my nerves at worst. Well aware of my Louboutins to Louse Vuitton, then I write an article and Post it here and when I see a Like or new follower on my blog, it does enough to placate my nerves. Restricting myself from mere judging thing or event or a person, I always try to be genuine and put my hands on lappie to put them on words, in whatever form the reality is, without being bias towards any convenient or favourable elements. The very reason behind why I write on fashion is: from the very beginning in my collage time, I sensed my deepest belongingness to fashion. And thinking and processing thoughts in mind was in my gene having born in the family of teachers. One fine day a thought flashed in my mind “why not combine thinking, writing and fashion together and start writing on fashion?”

Furthermore it is not just writing something and has it posted online, It takes so much research and brain to think on what I shall be writing. Then it becomes even more challenging to put the fingers on keyboard and start typing. But as you go, it comes out from within; with flaw, effortless. And then you realize you already have 350 words written!!

If you are wondering why I have written this article, then I’d want you to know; this article is my participation in a contest held by Miss Malini (www.missmalini.com), celebrity blogger who writes on fashion, Bollywood and gossip. If you are a blogger or owe a Facebook page, you can also enter the contest here: (http://www.missmalini.com/mega-haul)

#BloggingIsMyCalling | MissMaliniMEGAHaul

2 thoughts on “Why I Love Blogging ..

  1. Great chirag—-so good to read this—its the greatest hit in my list of ‘students with unconventional job preferences’–bravo man! keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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