Luxury brands die hard in India

Dear Readers,

This is something I always wanted to express. I always doubted the identity of functions when we are talking about brands those have stores in many countries.

With all due respect to all my favourite luxury Italian, French, American and British labels, No matter if they succeeded to enter developing markets like Indian and Indonesian but did they do enough to make sure that codes and the standards followed in the store in Ahmedabad or Mumbai are unified with one followed in Florence or Miami store?? Sounds interesting?? Read on
Long back I was reading an old issue of Marie Claire. I read the editor’s letter and for a time being nothing could surprise me more than that. Nina Haridas, Editor in Chief, Marie Claire India, had some issues with her Burberry shoes. As she writes, “Burberry is not something we buy for our shoes”, (yes! That would be true! We would end up spending thousands or even in lacs for a Burberry dress or bag) But when you talk about shoes, what clicks in your mind? Salvatore Ferragamo? we are very much ALIKE !!

So , Nina Went to a Burberry store to get her shoe repaired, and they said it would take a couple of days, and nodded in agreement, couple days later when she went again to collect her shoes, they were not repaired yet! Nina was annoyed. That is not the behaviour Nina would take , even from her employees! “In my power, I would have directly talked to Burberry India head and get the thing done within a day, Or I could have shown my business card to the assistants available at Burberry store to get it done as soon as possible. Nina , that is very great of you not to use your influencing power unlike most other Indians in same capability would do!!

About FCUK. Few days back I had been to FCUK store in a mall near to my office. I purchased few things, I gave my debit card for the payment, the guy on other side asked if I would pay in cash, the machine is not working. I said Ok, and i handed over cash, and when he returned me the change, 100 rupees less!! I mean seriously, was that the reason the guy at such an elegant brand store would ask you to pay in cash?? Think!

I do not Use many of the luxurious labels just because of their physical unavailability in my city and my distrust on online payment and delivery system. if Zara one such brand that does not provide shipping facility in India, may be because too small portion of Indian population really use online payment and delivery options. That reminds me of an incident, when I was in Mumbai last year on a family trip, I wanted Zara zip trouser and Lady Gaga tees very badly but dues to tight schedule I was not able to step into Zara store and do the shopping. I called them and asked to deliver it to the hotel but the person on the other side would just in the tone of yelling say No Sir, we do not ship, Kindly visit your nearest ZARA store. !

Is there anything to blame Zara or Burberry or FCUK in all these matters? NoT Really! But does it mean that when they enter foreign markets, there are some limitations attached!?? NO ! Its just the training – tone of sophistication and etiquettes of consumerism are all it would take.!!




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