Its all about Gaga, Lady Gaga

**UK OUT** Lady Gaga braves the British cold weather in a white all-in-one trouser suit as she returns to her London hotel


Good morning !! and good afternoon and good evening to readers in other parts of the world. If you are reading this, then I am happier than ever. Blogging has always been an inevitable part of my life, and I was on top of frustration in last 30 days when I had written nothing for my blogs.

Feels Good ?? Okay!! Since we are talking about frustration, it just reminds me of life support, something that helps us to hold on to on unfavourable situations, something which is very much inspirational from its root. There is one such person in my life that is constant motivation to me, no matter what!! She is none other than “mother monster”, fashionista “Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta” Lady Gaga. YEAH!

4th album of Gaga, “ARTPOP” is about to release anytime in near future and its such a sweet pain to wait for that. Like I did for BORN THIS WAY. I can smell my deepest and strongest belongingness to Each and everything that Gaga does, to each and every song that she writes or releases, Anything from the Fame to speechless to Government hooker to judas to hair to U and I. I am Gagafied!! In true sense.

Gaga has always been in news for her fashion adventures. She has always been a favourite list of Jaun Paul Gaultier, Donatella Versace and Giorgio Armani..

She has been criticised by many people around but she gave a damn about it and always did what she wanted and We can see the outcome!! that motivates me more than anything to hold on to my dreams and what I am doing.

Gaga also launched the perfume “The fame” last year, which became one of top selling fragrance in the US.

Gaga in silence always tells her “Little monsters” that “no matter what, there is a long way to go”, and i hear it every time I am in trouble .

I want to write more and more, but that should be it for now, I am already late for work,

xoxo little monsters and all of you !!






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