Worst Dressed at Met Gala ’13, Fashion to Fiasco

Costume Institute’s Met Gala 2013 ended with great hullaballoo of who’s who is wearing what and what their chaos to couture style reflects. What excites me most about this Gala or cannes or Oscars or grammy red carpets is who makes the fashion disasters, yes you are right I always keep my eyes on toes to see who s worst dressed. At the Met Gala, I particularly noticed 3 women which i definitely want to Label “Fashion Fiasco”. It is funnier than ever when that comes from couturier Donatella Versace. Mrs Versace appeared in Black which was all about “Chaos to chaos”. Coming up next is recently divorced Kim Kardashian. Kim, we don’t expect you to put on something very much couture specially when you are carrying Baby Kanye West along inside you but Prints !?
Next is Beyonce, Mrs. Jay Z was all fussy with some leather on chest Givenchy Gown which she wore with belt I mean seriously ? was that it for Mrs. Carter from Paris?


Beyonce Givency



When it comes to Madonna, I am not so sure which category do I have to put her into ? Worst or Best Dressed? If the entire concept of 2013 Met Gala was “Punk: Chaos to Couture”, then defintaly there cant be more chaos than “Punk” Madonna

lots of love #Throw Back Thursday


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