Angel? No angel?

Hi readers, I am sorry I had not been on much light with the posts lately, But I am back!

And I AM SURE you want some gossip, Don’t you ?

here we go

Miranda Kerr’s contract with Victoria’s secret comes to an end after a lot of hullaballoo. Officials at Victoria’s Secret said that Kerr was not “big seller” for the company which was unbalancing with Million dollar contracts between them. Kerr was fired from the post of Victoria’s secret Angel. But kerr takes it another way round. On her interview with Sydney Morning Herald, she said that she has been modelling since she was 13 and now she wants time for her family.” Victoria’s Secret dint fire me, I quite, ” said the model.

Well, what is my business to wonder is that, every model in the world wants to be Victoria’s Secret Angel and they wouldn’t give up on one of best fashion gig, even Heidi Klum who is one of most success full model of all the times stayed on post until she was 37. It is also likely that Victoria’s Secret who always wants their models to have very less other obligations found Miranda’s recent ad and tabloid disconcerting.

Either way Kerr managed to hold the hotness



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