The Animal Print


I love these animal prints. For a moment i thought it just out dated, and then all of sudden it clicked in my mind that there is nothing like out dated in World of fashion. Today’s fad is fashion of tomorrow! . We have witnessed designers over a time imbibing an element of Animal Print in their collections. Roberto Cavalli is one such designer known for his Animal prints. Earlier considered as Status symbol and now word robe essential, animal prints have a history way back paved in 1960s. The eye catching animal prints often attracts the attention of fashion critics on the ground that often these prints are made with the use of real fur. There is one name which always clicks in my mind when i hear the word Animal Print and that is “Snookie” from “the Jersey Shore” She has many of animal prints in her collections over past couple of years. Hollywood and Bollywood both has always adapted and admired the entire idea of Animal. If you have to ask me where do I stand in all this chapter of animal prints, I have recently purchased a Tiger print T-shirt from Zara, its graphic print; I don’t support animal cruelty after all!

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Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli

Animal print nude Pumps




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