Happy Birthday Bryan Boy !

Today is the birth day of Bryan Boy, one of most renowned and celebrated Bloggers of Fashion World. Bryan started his Career as fashion blogger 10 years back with his home made Website in Philippines and now there is nobody in the world of fashion who doesn’t know him. He is the priority list of Dolce and Gabbana, Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld to name a few. And to be true he is the source of my motivation to start as a fashion blogger. It was Bryan’s pre fashion week interview with Fashion TV four years back when I discovered him, and the milestones are many to add to the list in these four years. I remembered his commercials with dolce and Gabbana where he played receptionist, Visual Merchandiser and Bar tender in different ads.

He has recently worked in a commercial for Karl Lagerfeld Watches collection.

Bryan recently finished his project with America’s next top model in LA where he is one of Co Judge of the show. Bryan was spotted on board last night to his home in Philippines from LA. But he dint forget to Shop at Balenciaga before leaving LA
We wish him all the happiness and joy in his life.

b boy india _ agra _ 6


bryan boy_india_111_8

bryan boy




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