Business and Ethics : Dilema of Fashion Industry

What is your say when it comes to incorporating ethics into the Business especially when we are talking about fashion Industry?? Bit confused??

Read on..

It is in the news that claim has been made against Iconic British Luxury label Burberry for reportedly plucking peacock alive to make a coat for its collection. The coat is exquisite and eye catching. The trench coat costs nothing less than £ 22,000, but no doubt what the Burberry’s flagship item for spring summer collection comes from??

The coat was recently worn by the editor in chief vogue America; Anna Wintour.

According to Burberry’s official Indian website, the ‘iridescent’ beauty of the coat comes from the plumage of India’s national bird.

On being contacted, Burberry’s public relations firm Brunswick denied the entire the claim and the clarification was made that it’s whole mistaken, the feathers came from farm in China and not the India. Those were exported to New York which were sent to India for sewing into fabric and then they were exported back to London for showing up at the collection.

The official at Burberry has also clarified “Burberry would not use down or feathers if there was any concern about it being produced using unacceptable treatment of animals.”

Apparently only 20 dresses have been made available worldwide and are not available for sale in India.

Interestingly the designer at Burberry; Christopher Bailey who created the spectacular trench coat said that he insisted to bring joy through the creation and wanted to make the collection Joyous.

Well, I am not sure of what is the stand of advocates of fashion, but this eye catching coat is not likely to bring joy to people.






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