It’s all about Play Game

Hi readers

I just read somewhere last week that the owner and creative director of Playboy magazine Hugh Hefner is in relationship with the 20 year old Play Mate Crystal Harris. Hugh Hefner is 86 years old and famous for all his affairs and dates with play mates. I wonder what makes a 20 years old skinny model to fall for someone who is of age of grandfather! Certainly i know one more model that fall for a man who is of almost more than double her age. She is model and ballet dancer Maria Mogsolova who married the sole owner and founder of fashion TV Michel Adam. Okay, whatever! this is not what we have to talk. Lets talk about playboy. As a matter of fact, I live in a country where playboy is banned. But i know bits and pieces that I thought would add some meaningful insight to this blog.

Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe was the cover of first playboy issue in December 1953. She was reportedly paid $50 to pose for the magazine. Playboy has been proved as bailout package for the many of the celebrities who suffered financial crises. Noticeably among them, we have La Toya Jackson who bailed her family out of the crises when she signed to pose for playboy. Another recent example we have is Lindsey Lohan who posed for playboy for $1 M. What was interesting about this January 2012 issue was that Lindsey was photographed in the same makeup and poses as Marilyn Monroe did in first issue of the magazine.
No matter what happens, playboy will continue to publish; girls will be posing till the men will be the men! And this will be rolling around till the end of the world

(And let me clear playmate refers to the female model who pose for playboy but who is not a mainstream celebrity. And if you thought why I don’t have pictures in this post, its very self explanatory: they are so uncensored! I won’t upload them!!)

Chirag ❤


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