Stret Markets

HI there!

Being a fashion lover and shopaholic doesn’t always mean to loiter around high end luxurious boutiques nor does it mean to be obsessed with Italian or French labels. There’s part of fashion called fashion from “Street markets” which equally attracts us. This rule would apply to me at least! It’s not always front row of fashion week or after show “all chick” parties where you could get latest trends. Just go to the street market around your place and know the latest trends. That’s the deal! Plus not all of us would be wearing Armani or Gucci or Dsquared2 every day. So cloths from local shops also form important part of our wardrobes. Street markets are places where you can always get best pieces of accessory or cloth at relatively cheaper prices. May be durability is not consideration but it makes you happy to be seen with new accessories every day. Street markets make it happen for you.


Moreover, what is best part of street markets is that you can always bargain the prices down until you get the best price that satisfy your ego of getting it at lower prices than your peers do! Plus street fashion always reflects the cultural values and artefacts of your locality unlike those international luxury labels do. But as I said, street fashion is part of our life. (JUST imagine if I have to go to college without putting on my Ferrari perfume!). Infect these luxurious brands and street markets don’t substitute each other but they complement each other. In true sense, you can combine best of your brands and accessories from street market together to make an everlasting impression! The motto should be “whatever you wear, be in style, live style every moment”




Love ❤


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